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He Pikinga Poupou Education Grants

Te Kaahui o Rauru encourages uri development and education and recognises learning and growth as the foundation for a prosperous future for uri, whaanau, hapuu and Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi iwi. To assist Ngaa Rauru uri in their development,Te Kaahui o Rauru has grants available that are offered in the spirit of pono, tika, maaramatanga, kotahitanga, manaakitanga, whanaungatanga and whakapapa.

The following grants are available:

Tertiary Study & Training

The purpose of this grant is to assist Ngaa Rauru uri to participate in tertiary education study or training by contributing towards study/training fees, learning resources, travel, and/or accommodation.

Secondary School Endeavours (Year 13)

These grants will assist Ngaa Rauru uri who are in the final year of their secondary schooling by contributing towards their school fees, learning resources, travel and/or accommodation.

Download the Grant Application form

Download the Grant information

Grant application form

Application details

He Pikinga Poupou Education Grants

  1. Complete this form in full - one form per Applicant, per Grant to ensure it is considered by the Committee
  2. Sign the Application Declaration at the end of the Application Form – this should be completed by the Applicant if 18 years and older or by a parent/legal guardian where the applicant is under 18 years
  3. The applicant MUST be registered on the Te Kaahui o Rauru database
  4. Applications received that have information/evidence missing, or where the applicant is not a registered & validated member of Te Kaahui o Rauru will not be considered
  5. Applications received that are not for the correct study period/year, will not be considered. We are accepting applications for the 2023 study period/year
  6. Return the completed form to Te Kaahui o Rauru, PO Box 4330, Whanganui 4541 or [email protected]  by 12pm on Friday 31st March 2023
  7. Note: JPEG & PNG Applications will not be considered
Full Name
Date of Birth
Phone number
Email address
Bank Account
Are you registered with Te Kaahui o Rauru?
Please tick applicable Grant (each Applicant will only receive a maximum of one [1] Grant)
Name of Provider/Institute you are enrolled in e.g. Secondary School or Te Waananga o Aotearoa, WIT, University
Year 13 or Name of study programme e.g. Certificate in Maaori Visual Arts, Bachelor of...
Duration of programme e.g. Schooling Year, 2nd Year Under-Grad, f1st year post grad, 6 month training course

Study Year