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Te Paataka O Rauru

Te Paataka o Rauru works to protect and grow the investment portfolio, develop strategic relationships with potential iwi co-investments partners and support the development of our uri. Te Pataka o Rauru managed funds and bedrock portfolio continues to provide positive returns and has not experienced any significant changes of late.

Our iwi focus has been on direct investments and creating opportunities for growth and employment through our different businesses.


Te Paataka O Tangaroa

Te Paataka o Tangaroa hold our Iwi shares received from Te Ohu Kaimoana as part of the Fisheries Settlement in 2008.  The role of the Company is to use prudently on behalf of the Shareholder the fishery assets allocated to it and to administer them and its liabilities by operating a profitable and efficient business.  The main sources of income are the sale of annual catch entitlement (ACE) via the Iwi Collective Partnership (ICP) which Te Pataka o Tangaroa continues to participate with 14 plus iwi partners. 

In addition, Pookai Aronui recognised the need to further diversify across our fisheries entity to include a Fishing Charter as well as the existing investment into Bay Packers Ltd.  Fluffy Duck Fishing Charter, an existing fishing charter based in Whanganui was purchased in October 2020 as part of the broader desire for employment and diversification in the TKOR Group. This charter was rebranded as Te Kiri o Rauru Fishing Charter in 2022.