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Te Tootara Hoe – Corporate Services

Te Tootara Hoe is the Corporate Services arm of Te Haapai Mauri. Te Tootara Hoe works across the Te Kaahui o Rauru Group to ensure the needs of our whaanau, businesses, and other stakeholders are met. Te Totara Hoe is the Team that keeps the cogs turning so the Group can meet its outcomes and achieve impact for our people.

​Te Tootara Hoe provides internal support and provides the Group with a back-office function.  Te Tootara Hoe is the engine room for the Group and is responsible for finance, people, contracts, communication, policy, secretarial and business administration support.

Te Kaahui o Rauru have been the appointed secretariat to the National Iwi Chairs forum since 2013. We also are involved in Te Ranga Tupua and Ngaa Iwi o Taranaki forums.


Te Ahi Kaa Roa – Tribal Development

This team is critical to achieving the strategic objectives of Te Kaahui o Rauru.  Te Ahi Kaa Roa focusses on the social and cultural development outcomes for the marae, hapuu and whaanau of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi.  Te Ahi Kaaroa is keenly interested in increasing participation and engaging more uri in iwi initiatives so has a strong emphasis on good communication to allow this to happen.

Te Kaahui o Rauru have agreed on the following pou, or key strategic themes, that Te Ahi Kaa Roa uses to guide and direct their development initiatives:

Nanni Camp

Nanni Camp is designed to share our Ngaarauru Kiitahitanga while encouraging the future development of our mokopuna.  The camp activities and learnings to aim to reconnect mokopuna with whaanau, hapu and iwi, and align to the whenu o Ngaa Rauru.  These are as follows:

  1. Matauranga: (Academia) – mokopuna are able to walk with confidence in both worlds
  2. Te Reo: (Language) - mokopuna are linguists of the language of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi, Te Reo Rotarota
  3. Whakapapa; (Identity) - mokopuna know who they are, connecting with whaanau hapu & Iwi
  4. Koorero o mua: (Historic recollection) – mokopuna are connected to, and can retell, the stories of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi, important ancestors and sites of significance
  5. Te Taiao; Te Taiao (Environment) – mokopuna understand their relationship with Ranginui, Papatuuaanuku and their children
  6. Te Ao Hurihuri; (Modern world) – mokopuna gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully participate in their changing world

The camp allows for 20 mokopuna at a time, the only criteria being that uki are aged between 7-13 years and are of Ngaarauru Kiitahi descent.

Post pandemic tikanga means the camp continues to supply COVID resources and follow safety practices with Hygiene Packs.

Direct all paatai and application requests to our tari, [email protected]

Ngaa Muka

Ngaa Raurutanga

Work in our Ngaa Raurutanga priority area includes supporting marae with upgrades and other renovations, kaumatua housing repairs, our iwi events calendar and supporting other cultural initiatives.






Maatauranga focuses on advancing Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi educational aspirations. The current focus has been developing Te Kura I Huna (our digital kura) and continuing with Te Kooiwi-roa working on our the Ngaa Rauru curriculum and developing learning resources for our tamariki. We are also working through establishing He Kaakano, our job creation and innovation hub, to create a space for our Rauru-preneurs to grow. 


Kaitiakitanga is a priority strategic area with several workstreams feeding into this. Currently our kaitiakitanga initiatives include Kiwis for Nature programme, working in the GIS space, working to actively respond to the puutaiao issues the iwi face including iron ore mining, windfarms, and other legislative changes. Partnering to build an Iwi Climate Change Framework is also a key piece of work in this area that will clearly establish our strategic direction in this space.


Oohanga are our ambitions and aspirations aligned to economic growth and prosperity. Through creating start up opportunities by leveraging the networks, talent and experience that He Kaakano offers, our people could turn their ideas into potential businesses. For existing businesses, leveraging the power of Te Ao Maaori, ngaa Iwi to enhance sales, productivity, and networking. Climate change adaptation will be a key theme for our business model.